Evolutionary Regulation: Rethinking the Role of Regulation in Economy and Society

SASE Mini-Conference at Temple U, Philadelphia - 25 and 26 June 2010




Session 1 - Regulation and the State, moderated by Sallyanne Payton (University of Michigan School of Law)

Gregory Shaffer, University of Minnesota School of Law – “Transnational Transformations of the State: Legal Change, Resistance and Recursivity” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Reuven Avi-Yonah, University of Michigan Law School – “Taxation as Regulation” - AUDIO

Debate (AUDIO)


Session 2 - Regulation of markets by the market? - moderated by Yuri Biondi (Cnrs – Ecole Polytechnique of Paris)

Helen Callaghan, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies; Paul Lagneau-Ymonet, Université Paris IX Dauphine; Angelo Riva, European Business School of Paris – “Market for Markets - Causes and Consequences of Stock Exchange Demutualization” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Kenneth Zimmerman, Oregon Public Utility Division – “The Regulation of US Electricity Markets and the “Efficient Market Hypothesis:” A Story of Failure and Backtracking” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Aaron Major, University at Albany (SUNY) – “Global governance in the neoliberal context” - AUDIO / SLIDES


Session 3 - Shareholder primacy: corporate and financial issues, moderated by Reuven Avi-Yonah (University of Michigan School of Law)

William Bratton, Professor, Georgetown Law – “The Case Against Shareholder Empowerment” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Lynne Dallas, University of San Diego School of Law – “Caring Too Much About Stock Prices: Management Myopia and Long-Term Institutional Shareholders” - AUDIO

Debate (AUDIO)


Session 4 - Economics and law of business groups, moderated by William Bratton (Georgetown Law)

Kurt Strasser, University of Connecticut School of Law; Phillip Blumberg, University of Connecticut School of Law – “Legal Form and Economic Substance of Enterprise Groups: Implications for Law and Economics” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Faith Hatani, University of Manchester – “Network learning in global expansion: An evolutionary view”

Nadine Levratto, CNRS - University of Paris X Nanterre; Ingrid Groessl, University of Hamburg – “International Similarities of Bank Lending Practices and Varieties of Bankruptcy Laws: A comparative analysis of France and Germany” - AUDIO / SLIDES


Session 5 - The formation of rules: evolutionary perspectives, moderated by Shyam Sunder (University of Yale School of Management)

Christoph Kuhner, University of Cologne – “Competition of accounting standards, comparability of financial information, and critical masses: an evolutionary approach” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Yamina Tadjeddine, University Paris X Nanterre; Sandra Rigot, University Paris X Nanterre – “Emergence of a New Regulation: Informational Disclosure Modalities in the Hedge Fund Opacity World” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Evita Paraskevopoulou, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – “Analyzing the institutional innovation process: EU regulation through an evolutionary lens” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Discussant: C. Richard Baker (Adelphi University, NY and Rouen Business School, France) - AUDIO / SLIDES


Session 6 - Local and Global: Regulating socio-economic systems, moderated by Arnaldo Canziani (Università degli Studi di Brescia)

Alain Couret, Professor at the Sorbonne School of Law – “The development of the « comply or explain » principle in Europe” - AUDIO / SLIDES

Dan Danielsen, Northeastern University School of Law – “Local Rules and a Global Economy: An Economic Policy Perspective” - AUDIO

Diane F. Frey, London School of Economics; Gillian MacNaughton, University of Oxford – “The Right to Decent Work: Strategies for a Human Rights-Based Approach to the ILO Decent Work Agenda” - AUDIO / SLIDES